Via Verde – The Green Way

Article:  Green Via Verde – The Green Way.

When Nations Roof East LLC, based in Yonkers, New York, was called upon by Lettire Construction to handle the execution of Via Verde’s designs, it accepted the challenge with full cognizance of the project’s complexity, in addition to its urgent schedule of completion. As a unit of Nations Roof LLC, one of the country’s top five leading commercial green-roofing specialists, Nations Roof East is one of some thirteen other roofing components nationwide that comprise the corporate structure of the company which totals over $100 million in average sales each year. The Via Verde project joins a long list of other comparable projects within the Nations Roof storied history, which is defined by some of the largest, most difficult and dangerous roofing work in America. This is largely due to a long-standing reputation for excellence in both skill and experience using today’s most innovative systems, combined with the priority of safety as the company’s most critical parameter. According to Nations Roof’s CEO, Richard M. Nugent, “We honestly have invested millions in our safety program which is the number one concern we share with our customers.” Given that Via Verde’s working heights soar some twenty stories above ground level, roughly about a fifth of the height of the tallest building in the United States, the goal of safety was a constant and serious challenge.