Nations Roof Founding Sponsor of NWIR

Nations Roof is proud to be a founding sponsor of NWIR.

National Women in Roofing (NWIR) is a volunteer based organization with the goal to provide networking, recruiting, mentoring and education for women roofing professionals.  NWIR will strive to provide an opportunity for women and men, new and established, to find ongoing success working together in the roofing industry.

NWIR Goals:

  • Mentoring – Mentor and empower women in the roofing industry towards excellence in their chosen career.
  • Education – Create high-quality learning programs and experiences for men and women to build successful businesses and careers for both genders.
  • Networking – Provide opportunities to meet women in the roofing industry, creating strong, long-lasting networks.
  • Recruiting – Reach beyond traditional recruitment to enable and promote careers in the roofing industry to current and future workers