Nations Roof Expands to Indianapolis

We are pleased to announce the expansion of Nations Roof with our new location in Indianapolis.

According to Rich Nugent, CEO of Nations Roof, “An Indiana location is part of our vision and is an asset to our Customer base.  As we continue to look forward and expand our footprint, we develop new relationships with local clientele.  We believe that the office will assist us in our vision of achieving superior customer experiences.”

“We have looked forward to the start of our Indiana office and working with the team in building it, ” commented Jake Hyatt, President of Nations Roof.

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Expansion to Denver

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ty Stranger-Thorsen as President of Nations Roof of Colorado and the expansion of Nations Roof with our new location in Denver.

According to Rich Nugent, CEO of Nations Roof, “A Colorado location is part of our vision and is an asset to our Customer base.  We believe that Ty will meet the challenges in the local market and create a thriving construction and service operation in Colorado.  As we continue to look forward, expand our footprint and develop local clientele, personnel like Ty make the difference”.

Ty has an extensive background in new business development, strategic planning, organizational management, operational management, and leadership.

Ty earned a rank of a Sergeant in the US Army.  He has held management positions in contracting, sales, and executive management positions at BLUEFIN, LLC (facility management consulting firm).

Ty volunteered as Chair of the Green Schools Committee for the US Green Building Council Texas Gulf Coast Chapter, Vice Chair with the USGBC of the Piney Woods Branch, and GPRO Instructor at Urban Green Council in Houston, Texas.

“We look forward to the start of our Colorado Business Unit and working with Ty in building it.  Ty has extensive customer service skills that will differentiate Nations Roof in this market, and his commitment to and knowledge of the industry is a great asset to Nations Roof.  We are looking forward to Ty being one of the team”, said Jake Hyatt, President of Nations Roof.

Ty said, “I’m excited about the team concept that permeates throughout Nations Roof.  I’m looking forward to working with the Nations Roof team.”

The Business Unit will be located in Aurora, Colorado.

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Nations Roof Founding Sponsor of NWIR

Nations Roof is proud to be a founding sponsor of NWIR.

National Women in Roofing (NWIR) is a volunteer based organization with the goal to provide networking, recruiting, mentoring and education for women roofing professionals.  NWIR will strive to provide an opportunity for women and men, new and established, to find ongoing success working together in the roofing industry.

NWIR Goals:

  • Mentoring – Mentor and empower women in the roofing industry towards excellence in their chosen career.
  • Education – Create high-quality learning programs and experiences for men and women to build successful businesses and careers for both genders.
  • Networking – Provide opportunities to meet women in the roofing industry, creating strong, long-lasting networks.
  • Recruiting – Reach beyond traditional recruitment to enable and promote careers in the roofing industry to current and future workers

Nick Little – National Service Manager

Michael “Nick” Little appointed as National Service Manager, Nations Roof LLC.

In the continued development of the Nations RoofCare product line we are pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Little as National Service Manager of Nations Roof LLC.

According to Rich Nugent, CEO of Nations Roof LLC, “We believe that Nick is a key player in our company expansion to meet the growing service needs of our customers.  As we continue to expand our service footprint, Nick’s commitment to and knowledge of the industry is a great asset to Nations Roof”.

Mr. Little has an extensive background in developing new businesses. He has experience in roofing sales, service, market evaluation, strategic planning, sales development, conducting webinars and training individuals on a national level. He started his roofing career in 2006 in Mobile, Alabama as an outside sales consultant with Home Depot Home Services.  He has held positions as Sales Representative, Trainer, Consultant, National Trainer, Business Development Manager, National Accounts Manager and National Marketing Program Development Manager.

Previous employers:  North American Roofing, EcoView America, Home Depot.

Nick will be working out of the Nations Roof Gulf Coast Mobile office.  He is involved as a member of HBA’s Rotary Clubs and Chambers of Commerce.nick-littleRoofCareLogo (002)

Nations Roof Expands to Oregon – Scott Baxter Appointed as President of the Portland Office

Nations Roof is excited about the opportunity to open up an office in Oregon to service our Clients in this region.  We are pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Baxter as President of Nations Roof of Oregon.

According to Rich Nugent, CEO, “I have known Scott for many years and experienced firsthand his commitment to the roofing industry.  Scott will be a tremendous asset to Nations Roof as the president of the Oregon office.  Scott brings a level of technical expertise that very few have in roofing.  I’m looking forward to a long successful relationship while we continue to grow in new markets like Oregon.   Nations Roof continues to attract the best of the best in the industry. Welcome, Scott, you fit right in.”

Scott has been involved in construction since 1980 when he started working in the family roofing business. Upon graduation from college, he joined the roofing and building envelope consulting team at CRS, Inc. where responsibilities included involvement in litigation, creation of roof asset management programs, expert witness testimony and forensic and product investigations. Scott has authored specifications for several national clients and provided contract administration for the projects.

He became active in the roofing contracting division of CRS in the late 1990’s, where duties included estimation, project management, sales and general management of the operations. He has reviewed and monitored accounts receivable/accounts payable, budget estimates, balance sheets and profit/loss statements.

A little of Scott’s background:

  • Past Vice PresidentNational Roofing Contractors Association
  • Instructor for National Roofing Contractors Association Roof Repair & Maintenance Program
  • Past PresidentCarolinas Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association, 2011
  • NRCA Future Executives Institute graduate
  • Contributing author of the 4th & 5th Editions of the National Roofing Contractors Association’s Roofing & Waterproofing Manual
  • Past Director of National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the Carolinas Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association (CRSMCA)
  • Past Chairman of the Technical Operations Committee of the NRCA
  • Past president National Roofing Legal Resource Center
  • Currently on the NRCA Technical Operations Committee, Repair Manual Revision Task Force and director of the National Roofing Legal Resource Center

Contact the Portland Office:  503-480-6566

Scott Baxter and Family

Nations Roof LLC Supports Local Community

Nations Roof LLC never explored or had a desire to relocate our offices. Nations Roof LLC is not relocating from Lithia Springs, Georgia.

According to Rich Nugent, CEO of Nations Roof LLC, “We believe that Lithia Springs, Georgia continues to be the best location for Nations Roof LLC to reside to support our growth. As we continue to expand our footprint nationally, the Atlanta area was selected for its skilled workers, transportation system, central location and diversity. We have developed a team in Lithia Springs that is second to none”.

Nations Roof LLC supports and continues to care about the local community by providing local jobs, participating in community programs, and participating in community events.


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