Nations Roof Helps Put Military Veterans to Work

Nations Roof supports our Military Veterans by working with GAF, the National Institute of Training & Education (NITE) and US Military Pipeline (USMP).

Jennifer Stone, President of Nations Roof NW, recently hired two participants from the Hire a Hero GAF Roofing Academy program.

We believe that candidates from veterans organizations are a great fit within Nations Roof’s culture.

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Center for Urban Waters – Tacoma, WA

Professional Roofing, “The Beauty of a Project” by Chrystine Elle Hanus, June 2015.  Article Link.

When Melinda Martinez, CPM, RPA, senior property manager for Kidder Mathews, met Jennifer Stone, LEED AP, GRP, president of Nations Roof Northwest office, she had many questions about vegetative roofs.
“Melinda and I hit it off right away,” Stone says. “When she learned about my background in horticulture, specifically ‘green’ roofs, she started drilling me. She had been struggling with one of her buildings and maintaining the two vegetative roof systems they managed.”
After a few conversations, Stone suggested they meet on-site so Stone could get her hands in the soil and survey the situation. After the first site visit, Stone developed a comprehensive maintenance plan for both roof systems, but the plan was tedious and costly.
“It did not take long to see the maintenance to keep the vegetative roof systems to the expectations of the client and original roof planting was an extremely costly venture,” Stone says. “So our team quickly got to work on bringing together experts to look at the full life cycle of the roofs.”